Takoha Bootstrap

Funding a Takoha system... with a Takoha system!

We wondered whether we could set up a Takoha system ourselves: maybe we would be the first, maybe we would be famous! It was quickly obvious that the legal and promotional costs would be too high for us to proceed, and we didn't fancy trying to raise venture capital.

Still, perhaps we could gather the funding we need by asking for contributions in advance from interested supporters: using a Takoha system. We would outline how our system would work, and when it would go online, and calculate a price for the project development. Then we could appoint an well-known trusted adjudicator and name a trusted banker, and see if anyone wants to support the project.

It might happen, but let's wait first to see what kind of feedback we get to the manifesto.

Version 1.02/2009-02-19/DNH